About Us

The truth of the matter is you will not find another flow focused like us on the web!

Our History

The Flow Junction started as a simple blog designed to introduce more people to the world of poi and fire spinning but like most ideas it evolved over time into something much much more!

Slowly introducing more topics we now cover a whole range of areas such as juggling, object manipulation, bar flair, hooping and the list just keeps going on.

The project itself has taken blood, sweat and tears, never having funding unfortunately meant at times the site had to take the back seat to the daily grind of life so the only logical solution was to make it more of a community driven project which is what we did by allowing others to contribute…

The next step was to incorporate a flow inspired members area which includes personal profile, image & photo gallery, account settings and the ability to publish content onto the site. After which we started work on the Nearby Feature which is a geo location event/group finder simply start typing any location or post/zip code in and click search, immediately you will get results of everything within a 200 mile radius, Naturally we haven’t got round to covering the whole world yet but we do have a very large index and have already covered the majority of the uk and moving onto other areas and will continue adding new items weekly.

Whats next?

We are currently building a massive Tricktionary which will add a whole new learning area to the website but we will not be publishing that until its nearly complete and full of useful content and after that who knows.

Membership is free so join the revolution and if its not for you feel free to delete you account with ease at any time!


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