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Our blog has articles on a whole range of subjects such as prop maintenance, spinning theories and of course the latest news in the community, The whole website is written by our members so you will find many authors with a variety of knowledge covering all aspects of flow life!

Wandering around Bristol

Not unlike most people i randomly ended up in Bristol one day and simply never left and it's not hard to see why, between the friendly locals, great pubs,  big circus & flow arts community and a booming art scene you only have to walk around the city and you're...

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Prize Giveaways, New Sponsor and More!

Hey Flowmigo's We just wanted to take a minute and let you know whats currently happening here at The Flow Junction the first bit of exciting news we have to share is about The Synergy Flow Arts Company! In early 2010, Two well-known and respected companies, Cosmic...

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Fire Spinning Safety

Our brief safety guide which will be useful and aid not only those in large group spin jams but all backyard spinners and pretty much any body else who will be going to light up and spin some flames, Spinning fire is a whole lot of fun whether you like the primal...

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Bar Tricks – Jenga Flow!

Heres a clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden showing some interesting bar tricks which includes the amazing April Choi absolutely nailing it with some whip skills and a jenga tower – Check it out!

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The Orbitar – Musical Poi

In the summer of 2010 Kate Riegle van West and collaborators, set out to make music with the intricate swing of some visual poi.

The Orbitar was debuted at Kate’s TED talk about the Orbitar and the power of poi.

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Fire Eating Safety

With the popularity of Hollow Torches beginning to explode, I wanted to address the issue of keeping safe with this new technology as well as review some of the basic safety procedures that pertain specifically to fire eaters.

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Making your own Juggling Clubs!

So you don’t have enough juggling clubs to pass or get people to join, and you don’t have enough money to buy 12 juggling clubs. Solution: Make your own for less than $0.50 USD a club and less than 10 min of your time. 🙂

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Faster Mastery – Part 4: Performance

Want to master a flow art as fast as possible? Read this article and you’ll discover one of the best tools out there for accelerating your learning. Performing, not for an audience, but for yourself, will boost your skill to extreme levels.

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