5 Beat Weave

If you know of any trick missed from our tricktionary or have a better video for this page, please do let us know on in the comments below so we can add it or update it onto our database for the rest of our visitors to enjoy.


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Grid Patterns According to Jonah

Jonah DiGirolamo’s take on advanced grid pattern spinning and how it can help you reach a state of flow.

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The Playpoi Guide to Performance an…

What makes a performance or video awesome cannot be entirely distilled... Source link
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Europe Tour is Over!

It’s been great to return to Europe. Every time I come here, I feel... Source link
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September 2017 Challenge

Infinite Circles Flow Arts Community: The... Source...
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Tutsday – Boum Twa – “The Buttery B…

Say hello to Boum and Twa! Today, they will be showing us the Buttery... Source...
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