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If you know of any trick missed from our tricktionary or have a better video for this page, please do let us know on in the comments below so we can add it or update it onto our database for the rest of our visitors to enjoy.


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orange-location-icon-png-18 We like to think practice with other humans does have its advantages so why not give Nearby a chance to hook you up...



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Prize Giveaways, New Sponsor and More!

Hey Flowmigo's We just wanted to take a minute and let you know whats currently happening here at The Flow Junction the first bit of exciting news we have to share is about The Synergy Flow Arts Company! In early 2010, Two well-known and respected companies, Cosmic...
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Interview: Philadelphia Rhythmic Ac…

Infinite Circles Flow Arts Community: Infinite Circles has spent the... Source link
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Your Brain on Flow

The mind is a beautiful thing so what really happens when you get your flow on?

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Faster Mastery – Part 3: Motivation

Ever wonder why some people seem to pick up the flow arts and master it faster than others? Here we will cover some of the leading techniques used in brain hacking, sports psychology, and accelerated learning, to maintain that flow state.

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Paracord Handles

If you have the social media bug you may of just heard of brian perez he pretty much dominated all the prop construction groups on facebook for a few months and this tutorial is probably the reason everyone has been playing with paracord, not only is it fun to build...
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