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Bar Tricks – Jenga Flow!

Heres a clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden showing some interesting bar tricks which includes the amazing April Choi absolutely nailing it with some whip skills and a jenga tower – Check it out!

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Spin To This IV

The guys over at Spin To This have released the fourth playlist of the tracks most favoured from spinners all around the world and you can find it all here.

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HUMANS of Flow Arts | Marvin Ong

Marvin Ong, or “Grand Master Ong,” as he’s affectionately known in... Source link
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How a whip cracks

I have a rather extensive background in physics, shock wave production and supersonic fluid dynamics. So here is my best try at explaining how the whip crack occurs without diving into the mathematics of the Navier-Stokes Equations.

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Sunset Spinners

This gallery shows off some amazing photography when it comes to the sun set and spinning the best of both worlds.

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