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If you know of any trick missed from our tricktionary or have a better video for this page, please do let us know on in the comments below so we can add it or update it onto our database for the rest of our visitors to enjoy.


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orange-location-icon-png-18 We like to think practice with other humans does have its advantages so why not give Nearby a chance to hook you up...



Things from the blog...

What’s in Your First Aid Kit?

   In this article, we took to crowdsourcing to gather information... Source link
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Artistic Evolution

The ramblings of a backyard spinner, discussing the leaps and bound’s of creative genius over the year’s and how we should not forget the golden times.

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Naughty Lightshows

Don’t let the name confuse you this isn’t any adult content just some awesome light shows, This video playlist has all our favourites from around the web..

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Finding your flow

Your Flow, Your Mojo, Your Swag what ever you want to call it we all have it and these few simple tricks and tips will help you unlock it and put it to use.

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HUMANS of Flow Arts | Joe Graff

If you’ve managed to make it out to a couple of fire festivals, or are... Source link
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