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Your spinning your prop, cleaning up planes, developing motor skills, generally becoming bad ass. But how does it work? What is allowing you to progress your abilities? How do you get batter at anything?  As with most things the answer lies in your head.

So how does it work?

When you engage any task that requires motor skills you are stimulating a verity of areas in your cerebral cortex. In response your brain alters itself to adjust to your experiences. This is called Brain Plasticity. .  The maintenance it needs is stimulation in the form of sensations which are gathered by your senses. These sensations make your neurons fire off in different areas of your brain. The more often and intensely you stimulate these neurons the stronger they and their synapses become.

The real cool part is creating new synapses. Brain imaging has revealed that when you engage in a motor skill activity, such as spinning or any other manual skill-set, and you stimulate all these parts of your brain, you start forming new neural pathways allowing more parts of your brain to process what you are doing. This is when your trying to work out new move and you cant seem to get it to save your life but then, one day, it just “clicks” and suddenly feels easier. Your brain just finally caught up to you.



Hey, this is Abe! Im a U.S spinner with a passion for my art and understanding others. Im a psych major but my real goal in life it to adapt my career to my art. Peace, Love, and Flow for all. 🙂

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